The Tree

        by Jane Room

I started life as a tiny seed surrounded by a paper thin fragile wing. As my parent tree released her cones it was a lottery if I would survive but my cone landed safely in soft earth and was gathered up. I and many of my siblings were shaken free and were gently placed in seed pots surrounded by warm moist earth. I liked the feel and the smell of the earth blanketing me and feeding me and soon I began to grow green spiky shoots and a white root. It wasn’t too long before I was moved into the nursery field where I continued to grow feeling the sun and rain caressing my needles. I remained there for about 12 years and then one day the farmer arrived to harvest his crop. I was lucky , I was chosen by a young family, wrapped in mesh and bundled into their car before being taken to their home. Some of my siblings were sent to garden centres and had to wait before they too were chosen.


We didn’t know what would happen next but after a week or two sitting outside in a bucket filled with cold water, I woke up to a flurry of activity.I was lifted out of the bucket, transported inside and stuck on a funny spike held in place by metal screws. Then to my surprise I was wrapped in a long green wire with glass bulbs attached along its length. I thought this was very peculiar . All of a sudden I felt a frisson of excitement as I was bathed in twinkling coloured lights . The family was all around me hanging shiny coloured baubles and ornaments on my branches . Finally they attached a white angel (or was it a fairy) to the topmost branch and stood back to admire their handiwork. I could feel love and wonderment radiating from them particularly the children and I felt very special.


I have watched and witnessed twelve days of Christmas from the Eve and arrival of Father Christmas , the opening of presents and the joy of a family sharing a special celebration together and so remembering another family far away in Bethlehem long ago.But now it is past New Year and my life is changing once again . My decorations are being removed and soon my lights will be turned off. My fate is to return to the earth from which I came, a small part of life’s cycle but an important and sustainable part no less, one of which i am very proud.


© Copyright   Jane Room - THACS Writers Online 2021