by  River-Man

The River Mimram is born from chalk

Its crystal-clear water bubbling up through the rock

It flows from Whitwell to near Hertford Lock

‘tis a perfect location for a riverside walk

for Health or for pleasure or just to take stock

Do you think it gave rise to the saying ‘chalk & talk’ ?


Have you ever walked by the River Beane ?

Just north of Hertford – a true country scene,

the water-meadows look serene.

The cows well-fed, but the bull’s a bit lean.

- Finer fields are seldom seen

than those on the banks of the River Beane


The total length of the River Lea

is 70 miles from source towards the sea.

If you plan to cycle – please feel free,

But lookout for walkers – it could be me !

I stop at the pubs and the café’s for tea

on the towpaths and footpaths of the fine River Lea.


Hertfordshire streams are the generous giver

of the water that flows through Ware’s New River.

Clear millions of litres of water deliver

To quench London’s thirst that could go on forever

were it not for the clear cool water we give her

Courtesy – thanks to the Ware New River.                             


There’s a fine footpath along the great River Thames

Some folk walk it from the source to the end,

But if you have only a few days to spend

then please take this piece of advice from a friend –

It’s better to sail through the locks and the bends

If its pleasure you seek from old Father Thames



 © Copyright GerMurphy - THACS Writers Online 2020