Over 50s

The Club is run by Ann Kevis assisted by members of the club.
We meet every Thursday 1.30pm-4.30pm.
It’s a wonderful opportunity to meet other villagers
We have fish & chip dinners, gentle exercises, quizzes, bingo, and coach outings.
Everyone is welcome to join the club. It cost £5.00 to join for the year.  
The Over 50s Club have a -'Use It or Lose It' gentle exercises for the elderly. We tried it out last week and found it to be well within the capabilities of our members. We all live very sedate lives, and these exercises could help us improve our bodies.
We really cannot afford not to join this class, for we have reached that time of our lives where we do 'Use it or Lose it'
 Exercise “If all the benefits of exercise could be placed in a single pill, it would be the most widely prescribed medication in the world.”
If you are fed up just looking at four walls come and join us. And If you have any problems come along and share them with us. We are all in the same boat up the creek without a paddle.
Three of our members have reached 90 so you could be a youngster. 
Don't forget to put your clocks forward on Sunday, the 27th of March.