Tewin ABC Doubles Tennis

                 by Wilson & Slazenger ‘the mixed-up doubles’

Tewin Alphabet tennis League, we have not forgotten

We tried to win the tournament, but last year we came bottom.

We played on summer evenings, with a mix of playing talents

Tho’ we always felt the end-results were hanging in the balance.


But better players than us my friends were stacking up the Aces

And all that was left for us my friends – was to try and save our faces.

So this time we got some coaching, An’ we felt this was our year.

But the Lockdown cancelled Wimbledon – and you know what’s happened here !


The tournament didn’t go viral ! But maybe a virtual match ?

With a swipe on Skype & a Zoom in the Room, but hey there is a catch

When you play your tennis virtual – on Xbox or on Wii

You may think you’re playing socially – but that’s not A-B-C


The trophy would be virtual too - but that’s so 2nd-rate

- So if you're hoping for ABC doubles, I'm afraid you'll have to wait !

… and that may take some time yet - - 2020 or 2021 ??

I think we’ll watch some classic-finals - - till then – play safe ** – have fun !


** TTC courts are now open for Singles, Doubles & Coaching at safe distance

        Please always follow the latest guidance from LTA and TTC.

watch out for ABC/social-tennis news and possible games later this year

-   the ABC/social tennis organisers (Dave, Dee, Cheryl, Gerry, Hazel & Rupert).


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