The Knocker-Upper

        by Jilly King




The Industrial revolution made changes in a lot of habits of the working class. Most of them had to wake up early. But in the 19th century, alarm clocks weren’t that popular. For most of the workers, they were too expensive. So workers hired knocker-uppers to wake them up.

Who knocks the knocker upper up?

That's the burning question.

She rises before we've time to sup

And starts her rounds way before sun up.


Who knocks up the knocker upper?

We feel we should be told.

She taps the windows, sleepers stir

Though their warm, soft beds they much prefer.


Who knocks the knocker upper up?

The query still is unresolved.

The cotton mill bosses never let up,

So the clockless workers need to get up

To be on time at the factory gate

And it's thanks to the knocker upper

That they never will be late.


 © Copyright   Jilly King  - THACS Writers Online 2021