by Gillian Bonwick

Almost there, almost steady.
Accepting new normal as normal.
Still staying busy, productive.
And where possible, creative.
Yet ...
So much is missing,
spontaneity of action is a luxury 
we cannot grasp
for the moment.
So many missing too.
Well, distanced, and therefore
tantalisingly out of reach.
We acknowledge a time-honoured 
Young people see a future that is theirs
and so, likely to come good in the end.
Their optimistic energy drives life forward.
Conversely, those further on in life
read the signs and can imagine the worst,
years’ of experience priming them
to imagine worst case scenarios.
Perhaps, then,
age and knowledge work against us.
Where to find the hope 
that will return us 
to a balanced frame of mind?
© Copyright Gillian Bonwick, THACS Writers Online 2020