To 3-year-old Hattie

                by Martina Swift

 My dear Hattie,

There are many assortments of beautiful peoples, brown, yellow, pale, and fair. And a rainbow of shades in each. People are like distinct types of beautiful flowers and each flower has many assorted colours, all beautiful.

These different beautiful peoples are all one race – the human race. They all share the same pain and joy. They all can learn to love but choose to hate. They all can learn to live in harmony but choose to live in discord. They all can be good custodians of planet earth but choose to exploit it.

My dearest Hattie, let it not be so with you. Love all peoples till you burst. Let your love be caught and spread like a virus through the people you meet and passed on. Share your laughter and your joy and let peace reign. Take care of Planet Earth and she will take care of you.

My dear dearest Hattie, stay pure and beautiful. And in ten, twenty, or thirty years, when you read my letter again, let it remind you of the important things that matter in life.

With all my love,



© Copyright Martina Swift - THACS Writers Online 2020

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