When Things Get Tough

               by Vicki Griggs

"Things are going smoothly,
And life is great,
Then something happens,
Turns your life upside down
Thrown in at the deep end,
Not knowing what is happening
Just living each day as it comes.
Life is like a rollercoaster,
With so many ups and downs
along the way,
You're worried and scared and


With all these emotions running
through you,
You don't know just what to do,
Putting on a brave face,
To just carry on.
Being brave, strong and positive,
To just get through it,
Then you fall down,
Hit a brick wall, Feeling you're weak,
Letting people down,
'Cause all you wanna do is,
Hide, give up, let the darkness

swallow you up

You somehow find the strength
within you,
To pull yourself back up,
Brush yourself down.
Being brave, strong and positive,
Is how you get through it,
Always be grateful for the things
you've got,
Family, friends, people who
support you,
You have no idea when things
might change.
When things get tough,
Think to yourself,
I can get through this."


Copyright © 2020 Vicki Griggs - from her book 'Vis-Ability',
Published by Matador Books ,  available from Tewin Stores
and from Waterstones, WGC when open - call 01707 323730

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