Lady Mimram

 The Journey Motif; River Mimram


Lady Mimram lies sprawled over many miles

A spring at Whitwell to the River Lea.

She meanders through sleepy villages

Resplendent in diamonds that glisten and sparkle in the April sun.


Lady Mimram lends her grace to the swan, to flout its beauty.

Home to tweets, caws, cheeps, chirps, twitters in harmony with the loll, trickle, lapping of the lazy melodic water.


Lady Mimram sustains, nurtures and shelters yet

Exploited, overfished trout, water abstraction, cattle grazing, even milling, says the Domesday Book.


Lady Mimram birthed from a spring, morphs to a river

As is life, from womb to grave.

The grave: a new genesis.


Martina Swift    24th May 2020


© Copyright Martina Swift - THACS Writers Online 2020