THACS Writers Online

THACS Tewin Writers Online (TWO’s) have written weekly poems and stories to keep us entertained via the THACS pages on the Tewin Village website. We’ve posted our online writing through the past four seasons – that’s 12 months of open & shut lockdowns .. April 2020 – March 2021.   As Spring returns now and THACS activities & competitions get under way for you all we’re taking a time-out from publishing our writing here. - - - - -  It’s Spring Time-out ……….


THACS Writers Online from Spring & Summer 2020.

Locked down ... empty town ... Brave New World

That boat - that little blue boat ...... See it over there?

It was a ten to fifteen-minute walk to the shops....

The first of December, first day of the meteorological winter ....

In the old Quaker House

the stillness of pink light at dusk over the snow on 83rd Place

Tewin Stores volunteers have helped to keep us stocked

I started life as a tiny seed surrounded by a paper thin fragile wing