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Tewin Stores

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Tewin Stores Saturday Lunches 

(eating inside the shop as it’s winter!) 

  TS 14


Menu for 20th November is Sausage & mash with red onion gravy. 

Meals cost £5.00 with puddings extra at £3.00 plus any drink.  

12 noon until 1.30pm.  

If you haven’t been before it’s a friendly time to meet, chat and enjoy homemade food.


  • Tewin, a village with a population of about 2000, is located in Hertfordshire part way between the towns of Welwyn Garden City and Stevenage.  Some of its inhabitants work locally, while many commute to London each day.  The village dates back, at least, to Anglo Saxon times and its name has its origins in Anglo Saxon English.  Tewin has most of the features typical of English country villages, a Church, two pubs, a village green, a red telephone box and a shop.