Local Heroes - Tewin Stores and Cafe

             by Tewin Writers Online

Tewin Stores volunteers have helped to keep us stocked ;

With Food & Veg  - during Lockdown, and when unlocked.

All the papers Fit to print - You Collect or they Deliver

   - Beers & Wines + Cakes and biscuits = best shop ever !


Remember ... Take-away coffee, Rolls and pastries to feed your appetite

- Afternoon tea, breakfast special .. fry-up delight

Post Office, Fresh baked bread,  Plants & Flowers

   - Bev and her team working hard, they sure put in the hours


Thanks to them Tewin village makes it through ..

.. these difficult times   - so lets look forward to start anew

In 2021 you'll remember how and who stayed open

   - Make Tewin Stores your one-stop shop - let’s all support them


With thanks to Bev and all the Tewin Stores team

from THACS and Tewin Writers Online


© Copyright   - Tewin Writers Online 2021