Need help with technology?

Free 'Drop-in' IT support & advice sessions

Spring at Digital Inclusion

  • Setting up devices like tablets & mobile phones
  • Getting to know how to make better use of your device/gadget
  • Downloading & installing apps
  • Taking and sending photos
  • Using social networks like Facebook etc
  • Setting up email addresses & managing email accounts
  • Using the Internet for shopping, banking and accessing NHS online
  • Drafting and formatting documents in Word, Excel etc
  • Applying for jobs online
  • General advice about staying safe online

Sessions are open to everyone, from total beginners to those who may just have a few IT queries about how to do things. Please bring along your own device, or we can provide one for you to use at the sessions. You will receive technical guidance, support, and advice from our Digital Volunteers and have the opportunity to improve your digital skills in a welcoming and supportive setting, with a cup of tea and cake provided.