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Chairman’s Introduction  

I hope that you came along to the recent Autumn Show and got to see and enjoy all of it. The report and results are given in Recent Events above.

Our three events for the rest of this year all have an Arts & Crafts theme, with a creative writing workshop in October, an art workshop in November and the annual Art & Craft Fair in December (more information in Forthcoming Events above).

Finally, may I remind you that your THACS membership runs until 31st October and will soon be due for renewal (unless you joined after 30th June this year, in which case your membership will run through to 31 October 2019). 

Membership remains only £5 per person per year, which represents excellent value. If you pay for your membership via a standing order, then your membership fee will be paid automatically. Otherwise, please send your cheque (payable to THACS) to Malcolm Allen, 47 Bishops Road, Tewin Wood, Welwyn, Hertfordshire AL6 0NP by 31st October.  

Ray Keppler (Chairman)



It’s time for a new editor, who can bring their own style and fresh approach to the newsletters. Could that be you? 

There are five THACS newsletters each year and your role as editor would be to collate and edit articles about forthcoming or recent events, insert the adverts and get the newsletters ready for printing. You would not need to write anything yourself (except maybe an editorial introduction) and you do not need to be able to use any sophisticated desk-top publishing tools. However, you would need to be able to work to publishing deadlines and to orchestrate the contributors to get their articles to you on time.  

The role of Newsletter Editor has always been done by a member of the THACS committee and so you would be most welcome to join us. This would make your editorial task easier because you would have a better understanding of THACS activities and be able to discuss and influence editorial policy and newsletter content. However, you could be Newsletter Editor without joining the committee if that would suit you better. 

If you would like to know more, please contact me. 

Ray Keppler   Email: raykeppler@btinternet.com   Telephone: 01438 717545  

THACS  Events 

For ease of reference, here are the dates and titles of our events for 2018, together with the closing dates for the associated bookings. 




Closing date for bookings

 25th October

Creative writing workshop

11th October

6th November

Art workshop

31st October

1st December

Art & Craft Fair

No booking required

14th January


No booking required


Other News

GDPR and THACS Data Protection Policy

The introduction of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in May caused some concern and confusion for various societies and clubs such as THACS. It would have been helpful if there had been some specific help for small organisations, but since there was not, we had to do the best we could to interpret how the regulation applied to us.

We decided to notify all of our members about the impact of the GDPR on the way THACS operates and asked them to complete and return the THACS GDPR form, which would give their express permission for the committee to contact them by their nominated methods. Our thanks go to all of you who responded to that request. Unfortunately, the response level was disappointing and so personalised reminders were then sent out. Despite these reminders, we still do not have responses from all members (72% as of 31/08/18). We have decided to not pursue this matter any further with those members who have not responded. We shall continue to contact them by the method that they had previously nominated for the receipt of THACS documents (unless they ask us to do otherwise).  We believe that this is permitted because THACS has a legitimate interest in keeping members informed of the Society’s activities and members have a similar interest in receiving that information.

Another impact of the introduction of the GDPR was to make me realise that THACS did not have a formal Data Protection Policy and that we needed one. The committee has been working together on this for some time and I am pleased to share the resulting THACS Data Protection Policy with you.

To see the Data Protection Policy Click  HERE

Our work on this policy mainly consisted of formalising our existing practices but it did also lead to a review and improvement in the way your data is safeguarded. This made all the effort worthwhile and I hope that you will be pleased with the resulting policy.

Ray Keppler (Chairman)


Photographs of THACS previous events 

Pictures of the Autumn Show 2018 and Show Winners click  HERE

Pictures of the visit to Wisley 2018 click  HERE

Pictures of the Spring Show 2018 click  HERE

Pictures of the Spring Show 2018 adult prize winners click HERE

Pictures of the Autumn Show 2017 and Show Winners click  HERE

To see pictures of all THACS previous events click  HERE  then scroll

down to find the album containing the pictures you want to view.

Pictures by John Ling, Byron Sinfield, Mike Clark, Ray Keppler 


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