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Chairman’s Introduction   

I am sad to tell you that the THACS newsletter is no longer being published. The revised publicity and communications methods are explained below.

Details of the THACS AGM 2019 can be found in 'AGM Report' above.

You can find details of our visit to Cliveden and THACS Plant Stall at the Village Fete in 'Forthcoming Events' above.

Ray Keppler (Chairman) 

THACS  publicity and communications in 2019


I’ve been Chairman and Newsletter Editor since 2009 and Show Secretary since 2012. Whilst it has all been enjoyable and worthwhile, I would like to lighten my workload by handing over the Newsletter Editor role to someone else. This was first announced in September 2017 in the THACS newsletter and was followed by numerous other appeals and initiatives to find a new editor, but without success.  I believe that any further efforts would be futile so I have decided to relinquish my Newsletter Editor role at the end of 2018. Consequently, the THACS newsletter will no longer be published (for the foreseeable future).

THACS without a newsletter editor

This decision has not been made lightly. Regular communication with members is key to THACS activities and the pursuit of our objectives.  The THACS committee has been dealing with the impacts of the decision and have developed the following approach to publicity and communications for 2019.

New arrangements

a) Forthcoming events

Articles about forthcoming events will still be written and

1)      published in the Tewin Magazine

2)      published on the THACS webpage

3)      emailed to members (based on the current email distribution)

4)      possibly printed and posted on notice boards, such as in Tewin Stores, Memorial Hall and St Peter’s Church (to be investigated).

b) Show Schedules

Production will continue as usual, but without adverts. Publication and distribution will continue as now (Spring Show Schedule in February, Autumn Show Schedule in July).

c) Show reports and results

The full post-show report and results will still be produced and published on the web page. A few paper copies will be printed and made available in Tewin Stores. A summary report will be published in the Tewin Magazine and emailed to members.

d) AGM documents

Production, publication and distribution will continue as usual. 

e) THACS webpage

The THACS webpage on the Tewin Village website has traditionally echoed the THACS newsletters in its structure, content and updating regime. The demise of the newsletters means that this approach is no longer viable so the THACS webpage will need to be revised and enhanced. Work on this has already started and some of the enhancements can already be seen in the way new THACS photographs are handled. Thanks to help from the Tewin Village Website Committee, there have been substantial improvements in the way photographs are up-loaded and displayed and in the way the links between the text and photographs work. To see what I mean, go to www.tewinvillage.co.uk/clubs/thacs/  and click on the links to pictures of the 2018 Autumn Show and to the pictures of the THACS visit to RHS Wisley. I hope that you like what you see! Look out for further developments during next year. 

Impact on members

The impact on our members will largely depend upon how they currently receive our documents 

Email. If you currently receive our newsletters via email then you will be the least affected. Instead of receiving a full newsletter five times each year, you will receive articles about forthcoming events early in most months. It will be the same text as submitted for the Tewin Magazine, but will get to you before the Tewin Magazine is published.  This means that our members will still hear about our forthcoming events – and have an opportunity to book – before any non-members hear about it.  

Personal or postal delivery. If you receive the paper copies of the newsletter by personal or postal delivery then you will unfortunately suffer a more substantial impact. If you subscribe to the Tewin Magazine, then you will be able to read about our forthcoming events there. Otherwise, you will not get to know about them unless you see the articles on one of the notice boards. In either case, you will lose the current membership communication services.  However, there are things you can do to overcome this:- 

  • Switch your nominated communication method to email (just by letting me know)
  • Take out a subscription for Tewin Magazine if you haven’t already done so and you are within its distribution area (contact the editor Jackie Murphy at tewinmagazine@gmail.com or the distribution organiser Sue Whitbourn on 01438 798221).
  • Check the THACS webpage on the Tewin Village website regularly (www.tewinvillage.co.uk/clubs/thacs/ )

Whatever you do, please make the effort to make a change and find a suitable way to keep up with THACS news so that you can continue to enjoy THACS events. 

Ray Keppler (Outgoing Newsletter Editor) 

THACS  Shows in 2019

The Spring Show was on Saturday 6th April 2019.  The Autumn Show will be on Saturday 7th September 2019 and the Show Schedule is now available.

Here are the photographic categories for the Autumn Show:- 

1.   Summer Flowers *

2.   Textiles

3.   Landscape *

4.   Wildlife *

5.   People at Play

The Adult Section consists of all five categories and the Children’s Section consists of the three categories marked with *.

Please remember that these are your shows, so we need your guidance and feed-back to ensure that the shows reflect the interests of THACS members. So, if you have suggestions for any categories for future shows, we’d love to hear from you.

Other News 

Fun and learning at the Tewin Cowper School allotment

Last summer, it came to THACS’ notice that an allotment had become available and an idea grew. Tewin Cowper School needed available space to grow plants, flowers and vegetables to enhance the children’s learning.

John Sheridan (Chairman, Tewin Allotment Association) was instrumental in getting the project started and arranged for the ground to be cleared. Ray Keppler and Lynne Burgess cleared the overgrowth from behind the patch. The venture was underway.

Before the end of term, teacher Joanna Tebbutt and her class had planted a variety of fruit and vegetables, mostly donated by THACS and members of the Allotment Association. Help and expertise was on hand from John Sheridan and Ray Cattermole on most Thursday afternoons when the children make their visits to the allotment.

THACS has donated a beautiful set of new, child-sized tools to allow a lot of children to be gardening at the same time. The Year 4 pupils and their teacher began learning and enjoying how to tend the earth and grow flowers, plants and vegetables. THACS committee members Lynne Burgess and Alice Greenwood were also on hand to walk the children to and from the allotment, and share their enthusiasm for the new project.

Since then the children have successfully grown an array of plants, veg and flowers. Some of their produce has been cooked and enjoyed. In September some of their produce was exhibited at the THACS Autumn Show and their runner beans impressed the judge hugely!

On Friday 19th October the children had an 'Allotment Sale' outside their classroom after visiting their patch. Available to buy were pumpkins, courgettes, tomatoes, beetroots, butternut squash, gem squash and even a chilli! They managed to raise £39.20 for the Allotment Fund.

With the winter coming on the allotment has been weeded and ‘put to bed’ but associated classroom activities will continue. Growing will begin again in early Spring.

It’s a joy to see not only the plants growing but also the way in which a new dimension has been brought to the children’s learning, which they are loving. We have some budding gardeners!

There are some lovely photos on the Tewin Cowper School Web site (www.tewincowper.herts.sch.uk/allotment/) 

Lynne Burgess (THACS Schools Liaison) 

Donations to charity

We have donated £100 to St John of God Hospitaller Services (Digswell Nurseries), using the money raised from the sale of produce at the two shows. Digswell Nurseries is a horticultural centre selling a wide range of plants whilst providing a supportive working environment and training for vulnerable adults.  (You can find out more at their website www.digswell.org.uk).

The donations support the aims of THACS, which are to promote the good cultivation of gardens and allotments, to foster interest in garden design and plants and to encourage village arts and crafts.

Photographs of THACS previous events 

Spring Show 2019

Autumn Show 2018

Wisley visit 2018

Spring Show 2018

Spring Show 2018 adult prize winners

Autumn Show 2017 

THACS previous events  Scroll down to find the album containing

the pictures you want to view.

Pictures by John Ling, Byron Sinfield, Mike Clark, Ray Keppler 


 THACS  is affiliated to the Royal Horticultural Society 


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