Down in the Dumpster

               by   Gerry Murphy                              

Down at the Dumpster late one night

          Charlie Jones got an awful fright.

His neighbours’ recycle of plastic trash

           had somehow transformed into Monster-Mash.

The like he had never seen before

          as the awful mess slithered across the floor.


Charlie stood transfixed as he gazed at the sight -

           the stuff of bad dreams he’d had all night.

He’d dreamt of a world drowning in plastic

            - a sea full of rubbish, it really was drastic.

And now from the Dumpster1 this monster arising

            But Why - you might think – should he find it suprising !


Plastic bottles that had only carried one drink ;

            one-time use cartons now emptied down the sink ;

shrink-wrap that once held our meat and 2-veg ; 

            were all now combined and tipping over the edge

of the Dumpster at Charlie’s – and all over town.

            The nightmare was here now – the plastic chips down.


‘What have you done Charlie ?’ a harsh voice spoke

            ‘Through your thoughtless abandon – the planet is broke.

Where once wood and paper we used, and grew trees,

            Now plastic discarded has filled up our seas.’ 2

‘Think on it Charlie, and when you awake …

            Change your behaviour – for F-pity’s sake !’

                                                   by   Kid Neptune   

       1 Dumpster – ‘wheelie-bin’ ! 

2 Without big action, by 2050 there will be more Plastic than

Fish in the seas - Lucy Siegle’s book ‘Turning the Tide on Plastic’

 © Copyright GerMurphy, THACS Writers Online 2020