The Tailor's Tale - Why I am a Tailor

- by Gerry Murphy


here is the gist of what was told to me some years ago
by my then tailor in Hertford town ....
‘Why I am a Tailor’

‘Because I like measurements
Because I remember the feel
of my grandfather's tweed jacket
... and because my mother read me
The Tailor of Gloucester

Because I was trained as apprentice
Because I worked in the West-End of London
Because I made suits for Liberty
... and because also Harrods came calling

Because of the sound of scissors cutting cloth
... and the feel of the blades biting
- and because of the way the sun comes in my workroom
while the stitching machine spins like a dervish

Because I enjoy making clothes and making them fit
... because many weddings have been graced with my work
because of the smiles when my work is all done

That's ... Why I am a Tailor’

Nowadays, we are fortunate to have another very good local tailor recently opened their doors at nearby Welwyn North station.   And my thanks go to Paul & Samantha at Mimram Valley Tailors & Laundry for their excellent cleaning & Tailoring   & sales of Tewin-Writers' Lockdown Booklet - thankyou Paul & Sam

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