Tewin Walk 9 - Burnham Green and Tewin Wood

Tewin senery

There are photos of many of the places in these walks in our Tour of Tewin Album.

From the shelter turn right onto Lower Green Road and take path on left after Rose & Crown PH and opposite Harwood Close. Follow the path all the way up past the pond on your left. Ignore wide path on left and take a small path on left marked with a white arrow.

Keep to the right and follow the path behind all the houses on your right. You will pass through a kissing gate and eventually come to the back of a house with an open back garden. A little further on turn right over a stile and approach Orchard Road. Cross over road to walk down Tewin Close. Keep to the left hand side and follow footpath behind houses. Ignore a footpath on the right and keep going until you emerge onto Bishops Road (check this as you walk up bedside No. 29 Bishops Road).

Carry straight In the same direction, down the road opposite, to find a footpath on your left of the driveway which faces you before the road turns right. There is a sign encouraging you down the path instead of the driveway. At the end you must turn right and cross the same driveway. Turn left walking down behind more houses. Keep going until path opens out into a field. Keep straight on down and uphill crossing a stile. The path emerges with the Plume of Feather’s PH on your left.

There is a short path facing you which brings you back onto the road and down to the Rose and Crown.