Tewin Walk 3 - Queen Hoo Hall

Tewin senery

There are photos of many of the places in these walks in our Tour of Tewin Album.

Walk down from the Rose and Crown towards Tewin Stores. Passing the Stores and houses on the left and right follow the road out of the village. Walk down hill to a footpath at the bottom of hill on left. (If the road appears busy there is a gap in the hedge on left where there is a path which follows the road and joins the footpath.)

Take the path all the way to the top entering the edge of Bramfield Park Wood. A bridleway passes from right to left. Turn left following the path down hill and turn right onto a narrow track. At the end of track turn right onto a wider track which goes up hill and through a field.

As you look up, you will see Queen Hoo Hall, and eventually pass the house on your right emerging onto a road. Carry on in the same direction and take the left fork. In 200 yards turn left onto a driveway leading to a house. As you approach some gates turn left onto a footpath. After passing through a gate follow the path round the edge of a field with a wire fence on your left. When the path turns right uphill turn left and go down some steps to cross a driveway and turn left and then you will have a fence on your right. You are now walking along the bottom of several back gardens.

Eventually you go over a stile entering an open field. Go straight on through a kissing gate through another field and over another stile passing the Plume of Feathers pub on your left. When you reach the road turn left and walk back down the road to the Rose and Crown Pub.