Tewin Walk 1 - Harmer Green

Tewin senery

There are photos of many of the places in these walks in our Tour of Tewin Album.

Walk down pathway left of Rose of Crown and left of houses and to the right of a row of terraced cottages. Walking past the bowls green on your left go towards a yellow bungalow slightly to your right.

When you arrive at the bungalow turn right up the main track, up hill into wooded area. The path then goes downhill with fields left and right. Continue up hill passing house on your right and turn left before a second house (signed public bridleway ½ mile to Digswell). It may be a little muddy. There are bushes on both sides. When you come to a fork take the left path.  At the bottom of path turn left along a concrete path.

Turn left onto path before the road with a fence on your right and head back towards a bungalow you passed previously. Carry straight on passing the Tewin bowls green on your right retracing your route back between the houses emerging with the pub on your left.