Tewin Walk 7 - Archers Green

Tewin senery

There are photos of many of the places in these walks in our Tour of Tewin Album.

Walk down passing the Tewin Memorial Hall on your right. Keep going until the road bends right. Turn left onto narrow tarmac road and pass houses on left. Immediately after the last house take the path on your left walking straight down into open fields. Keep going in same direction slightly to the right, ignoring a path going to the left until you come across the same narrow tarmac road. At road turn left. As road bends right cross over bridge.

Shortly after bridge turn left over stile and follow the path with the river on your left and the main road on your right. Turn left at Pooh Bridge. Take footpath straight up hill and through a kissing gate shortly turn left at another gate to pass Marden Hill on your right. Continue in the same direction eventually reaching an avenue of lime trees. At end of the avenue turn right onto path going into Lamb Dell Wood. Keep to the right, way marked, through wood.

At the end turn left emerging out onto a bridge and into an open field. Walk uphill passing a path which joins from the right. Carry straight on until you reach the road. Turn left and walk back to the shelter opposite Rose & Crown.