Tewin Walk 4 - Dawley

Tewin senery

There are photos of many of the places in these walks in our Tour of Tewin Album.

Walk down from Rose & Crown across the Green to Cannons Meadow.

At a T-junction turn right and pass several houses and then bungalows, coming across another T-junction. Turn right to join slip road and take footpath signed on left crossing field of horses. Turn right along side far fence (or in centre of field) crossing over via a stile in fence bottom. Turning right over stile the path goes alongside churchyard. At end turn left onto path and cross over track to enter Westley Wood.

The path emerges onto Churchfields Road Take care crossing over to walk up the Concrete Path. Take 3rd signed footpath on right (about ½ mile) and walk along the edge of field with a hedge on your left and Dawley Plantation on your right. Emerging at crosspaths, turn right going down hill and then up into Dawley Wood. The path leads into open field.

Follow this all the way down eventually coming to the Rose & Crown on your left and emerging into the main road.