Tewin Walk 6 - Concrete Path

Tewin senery

There are photos of many of the places in these walks in our Tour of Tewin Album.

Walk towards Muspatts Farm passing Memorial Hall on your right. Just after MH take path on right walking past the Bowls Green Club House. You will join a path that is going towards a bungalow with a multi-colour gate, and will also pass path on your left. Maintain same direction with the bungalow on your left. You will eventually be walking into an open field.

At end turn right onto concrete path. Continue up the concrete path, firstly through open field, passing signed turn on your right, and then with hedge of tall trees on your left. Continue on, going down hill and then uphill and after approx. 1 mile take the 2nd signed turn on your right (open field with wide grassed path). Going uphill through the open field if you turn around there is a good view of Welwyn Garden City.

When you reach the top, another path joins from left. Carry straight on in the same direction, eventually coming out into Pennyfathers Lane at Harmers Green. You have just passed a house on your left, turn right and continue to the end of road. You will now pass the last house on your left and the road becomes a path. Continue straight down passing a cross path going downhill. Eventually the path will go uphill entering a wood (Dawley Wood). Carry straight on through the wood eventually emerging into an open field.

Carry on along path passing an oak tree which marks a left turn. Take the next left turn when re-approaching bungalow you passed earlier. The path forks, take the left fork and pass the bowls green on your right. Walking up between the houses you will emerge onto the main road with Rose & Crown on your left.