2016 Donations

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Friends of Tewin are delighted that the various events we hold throughout the year are not only enjoyed by the village, but also benefit the village in so many ways.  We want to say a huge thank you for supporting our events; this enables us to distribute the money we raise to a wide variety of groups and organisations in the community.  

The donations given by Friends of Tewin are to help buy equipment or fund a specific project that will benefit both the group requesting our help and/or the village in general. 

We are very proud to list below the donations we made in 2016.                                                  


         NAME OF GROUP                        £ 

St Peter’s Church
Tewin Table Tennis Club
Tewin Bridge Club
Tewin Charities Fund
Shire Park Bowls Club
Tewin Cowper School Swimming Pool
Transport Steering Group
Tewin Cowper School
Tewin Tennis Club
Tewin Tots
Tewin Pavilion
Tewin Under Fives Pre-School Nursery
Tewin Orchard
Tewin Stores
Tewin Cricket Club