Fun and learning at the Tewin Cowper School allotment

Last summer, it came to THACS’ notice that an allotment had become available and an idea grew.  Tewin Cowper School needed available space to grow plants, flowers and vegetables to enhance the children’s learning.  John Sheridan (Chairman, Tewin Allotment Association) was instrumental in getting the project started and arranged for the ground to be
cleared. Ray Keppler and Lynne Burgess cleared the overgrowth from behind the patch. The venture was underway.

Before the end of term, teacher Joanna Tebbutt and her class had planted a variety of fruit and vegetables, mostly donated by THACS and members of the Allotment Association. Help and expertise was on hand from John Sheridan and Ray Cattermole on most Thursday afternoons when the children make their visits to the allotment.

THACS has donated a beautiful set of new, child-sized tools to allow a lot of children to be gardening at the same time. The Year 4 pupils and their teacher began learning and enjoying how to tend the earth and grow flowers, plants and vegetables. THACS committee members Lynne Burgess and Alice Greenwood were also on hand to walk the children to and from the allotment, and share their enthusiasm for the new project.  Since then the children have successfully grown an array of plants, veg and flowers.  Some of their produce has been cooked and enjoyed.  In September some of their produce was exhibited at the THACS Autumn Show and their runner beans impressed the judge hugely!

On Friday 19th October the children had an 'Allotment Sale' outside their classroom after visiting their patch.  Available to buy were pumpkins, courgettes, tomatoes, beetroots, butternut squash, gem squash and even a chilli!  They managed to raise £39.20 for the Allotment Fund.

With the winter coming on the allotment was been weeded and ‘put to bed’ but associated classroom activities will continue. Growing will begin again in early Spring.  It’s a joy to see not only the plants growing but also the way in which a new dimension has been brought to the children’s learning, which they are loving. We have some budding gardeners!

There are some lovely photos on the Tewin Cowper School Website

Lynne Burgess (THACS Schools Liaison)