THACS Shows in 2022

The Autumn Show is later than usual - a response to the difficulty we had in finding enough helpers for our last autumn show. The first two weeks of September are a popular time for our regular helpers to go on holiday, so we are more likely to find enough willing and available helpers if we schedule the show for later in the month.

The Schedule for the Spring Show will be available by the end of February. Meanwhile here are the photographic categories for both shows: -

Spring 2022

Autumn 2022

1.   Pets* (animal / nature)

1.   Insects* (animal / nature)

2.   Through a window* (architecture)

2.   Crops* (landscape)

3.   Green space* (landscape)

3.   Rooftops (architecture)

4.   Lines (abstract / interpretation)

4.   Flowers* (possible close-up)

5.   Fragile (possible close-up)

5.   Broken (abstract / interpretation)

The Adult Section consists of all ten categories and the Children’s Section consists of the six categories marked with *. The general type of photographic technique you could use is shown in the bracketed notes by each category. These will hopefully give you some guidance but they are just suggestions, so please don’t let them hinder your creativity!