The History of Tewin Stores

The only shop in the village, Tewin Stores, is accommodated in a Grade ll listed building and closed suddenly on 19 May 2007. This shop had been run as a successful and viable local business since 1851, most recently as a newsagent, Post Office and general store.

When the shop was still trading, the Parish Plan questionnaire established that almost 40% of households used the shop once a week or more, with over 60% using the shop at least once a month. Over half the village used the Post Office on a regular basis. 

Following the shop closure a meeting was organised by the Parish Council in response to concerns raised by residents in the village when the shop closed. 150 residents attended the meeting which took place on 16 June 2007 and was addressed by Ian Toye from ViRSA. Volunteers from this meeting formed a steering committee to investigate the possibility of re-opening the shop, and twelve people attended the first committee meeting held on 3 July 2007.

The Tewin Stores Association Ltd was registered with the FSA as an Industrial and Provident Society with community objectives on 9 October 2007, registration number 30349R. It is now a registered society under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014.

During the autumn of 2008, residents of the village donated £12,000 towards the cost of refurbishing and restocking the shop. The premises were renovated using volunteer labour with many kind offers of help without which it would not have been possible to open on 21 February 2008.

The Post Office re-opened on the 8 September 2008 for 17 hours per week, 6 months after the shop re-opened. All worked well until our Postmaster suffered a stroke in 2014 and the Post office had to be temporarily closed. It is now open for six hours a week and is run by an outreach programme for the Post Office.

The shop is always keen to encourage people to become volunteer assistants in the shop, and/or to become shareholders and have a stake in the village shop.  Contact the shop manager if you are interested in this.


Currently, the volunteers on the committee are:

  • Gerry Smith (Chair)
  • Linda Crawford (Vice Chairman)
  • Eleanor Lohr (Secretary)
  • Jenny Mason (Treasurer)
  • Doreen Lloyd
  • Maureen Yates
  • Graham Spring
  • Jacquie Mercer