Tewin Stores - Our History

The History of Tewin Stores

The only shop that now exists in the village, Tewin Stores, is accommodated in a locally listed building on the edge of the Conservation Village.  It has been run as a successful and viable local business since 1851, most recently as a newsagent, Post Office and general store.

In 2006, when the shop was still trading as a commercial enterprise, the Parish Plan questionnaire established that almost 40% of households used the shop once a week or more, with over 60% using the shop at least once a month.  Over half the village used the Post Office on a regular basis.

However, in 2007, the shop closed suddenly.  Concerned that the village no longer had a shop or Post Office, a group of villagers got together to investigate re-opening the shop to be run by volunteers.  Within 6 months, a new lease had been signed and The Tewin Stores Association Ltd was registered with the Financial Conduct Authority as an Industrial and Provident Society with community objectives.  It is now a registered society under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014.

We re-opened the shop in February 2008.  This was made possible through the aid of a Bank loan underwritten by the Plunkett Foundation, shares and donations of £12,000 provided by Tewin residents and the assistance of volunteers who renovated the premises.  Additionally, the Post Office re-opened in September 2008.

10 years later, we were given the opportunity to purchase the premises from the Landlord.  To fund this as well as providing funds for future works, residents and supporters were invited to purchase shares which took place during the summer of 2019.  In addition, significant support was provided by the Parish Council, as well as several generous donations and a bequest from Mr Geoff Malin.

This was very successful enabling us to complete the purchase which means that to all intents and purposes, the premises now belong to the people of Tewin.  We could not have achieved this important milestone without the goodwill and generous support of everyone involved and the significant support from the Parish Council.

We have employed a part time manager for a number of years who has responsibility for running the day to day operations of the shop and café including co-ordinating the work of our team of volunteers.

The shop and café is always keen to encourage people to become volunteer assistants in the shop, and/or to become shareholders and have a stake in the village shop.  Come into the shop for more information or contact the Secretary at tewinstores@gmail.com if you would like to support us.