The History of Tewin by the People of Tewin.

The cover of The History of Tewin


“……a magnificent production” : “…..I’ve learned so many new things about Tewin…” :
“……very well written…have read it cover to cover” : ….a.fascinating amount of information….” :  “…I hadn’t expected a book of this quality….” : “….information is beautifully put over“ :  …..beautiful photographs and illustrations…..” :   “…….Congratulations on producing such a splendid book”.  

These are just a few of the many comments the History Book Group has received since the publication of ‘The History of Tewin by the People of Tewin’ in November 2009.  If you haven’t yet bought a copy, you can now place an order for the reprint received in mid-November 2021!  For just £30.00 you can enjoy this 264 page hardy-back book full of fascinating information about the village, including 490 photographs and illustrations, the majority in colour.  It covers the history of Tewin from 500,000 years ago to the present day.  All the profits from the book are donated to Tewin Memorial Hall.

The second volume of The History of Tewin by the People of Tewin is now available for £15 each, also another hard back book with many illustrations of life in the village in the past 12 years.  You can buy this at Tewin Stores.  If you buy Volume 1, you can get Volume 2 for £10 only.  

A lot of research and hard work went into producing Volume 1 and we know everyone in the village who has already purchased a copy has enjoyed reading it and that it will serve as a reference for future generations, as will Volume 2 now it has been published.

Any enquiries to Linda Gilley, 01438 717385 or 07803248423, including requests to have the book(s) posted or couriered.