Advent Calendar 2023

2023's advent calendar showed one of the St. Peter's embroidered kneelers each day.


Tewin Arts and Crafts - kneeler embroidered by Marie St Pier

Tewin Horticultural Society ran from 1961 to 1988 and then Tewin Horticultural Arts and Crafts Society THACS (2001-2023) provided a wider participation and audience for the Arts in our village. Tomorrow (Sat 2 Dec) will see the independent annual Arts & Crafts Sale at the Memorial Hall continue to show and sell the best work that our local talent produces.


02-Church concerts

St Peter's music concerts - embroidered by by Pauline Spring

St Peter's church has often hosted music concerts, and tomorrow (Sun 3 Dec) local choir SaVoce present a Winter and Christmas concert there at 3pm.  The church has plans to build a new adjacent meeting room and accessible toilets and tea/coffee kitchen - to better host our family services and celebratory gatherings.  A possible design can be seen on the church web-pages and a scale model is in the church. 


03 Church and cedar tree

Church and cedar tree - kneeler embroidered by Pat Ashman

Easily recognisable view of St Peter's church with the nearby cedar tree, which looks the same now as it did at the Millennium when the church-kneelers were being produced.  A short video of the making of the kneelers can be found on BBC iPlayer by searching 'Tewin'.

 Old Schoolhouse

Lower Green Schoolhouse - embroidered by Pauline Hay

An earlier schoolhouse existed at the top end of Lower Green opposite the Rose & Crown, and is now a private house.  The later schoolhouse pictured was endowed by Lord Cowper of Panshanger and built in 1847.  It was used until 1974 when the new school in Cannons Meadow was completed, and now is also a private home at the lower end of Lower Green.

05-Tewin Orchard 

05-Tewin Orchard  -  embroidered by Anna Clark

Tewin Orchard was planted in 1931 with 5,000 apple and pear trees, and bequeathed to RSPB by Molly Hopkyns after her death in 1982. The orchard and nature reserve still flourish today, managed by Herts and Middx Wild Life Trust and actively run by Michael and Anna Clark - who made this fine kneeler.  It also has a popular hide for badger-watching and an excellent book by Michael Clark ' Apples - a field Guide'. 

 06-Church Bells

06-Church Bells  - embroidered by Audrey Walters

There are 6 bells in St Peter's. Nos 3,4,5 & 6 were cast by Anthony Chandler in 1673. No 2 was cast in 1799 by John Bryant of Hertford and the treble bell was cast by Mears & Stainbank of Whitechapel in 1939. The Tewin bell-ringers are active with practice on Wednesday evenings, then before Sunday morning service and often at weddings in St Peter's.

 07-walking group

07-Walking group - embroidered by Sue Haden

At 9.25 and 10am each Thursday a regular walking group meets at Lower Green to tread one of the many country footpaths around Tewin.  Walkers reward themselves with a tea or coffee at the end of their walk.  Sue Haden embroidered this kneeler, for the weekly walks which are led by her husband Chris Haden.

 08-Tewin Stores

08-Tewin Stores - embroidered by Pauline Spring

The view of Tewin Stores and adjoining cottages is taken from a painting.  The stores and Post Office re-opened in Feb 2008 as a community shop with tea garden and art displays.  The volunteers will tomorrow (Sat 9th Dec) be hosting a Festive Lunch from 1.30 - 3.30pm, though all tickets are probably now sold-out.

 09-Tewin buses

09-Tewin buses  -  embroidered by Jenny Doxey

Local buses (number 388) were running a service since 1930 linking Tewin with Hertford and Welwyn Garden City, though that daily service has regrettably now ceased to run.  Nowadays a Saturday Minibus service is run by Tewin Parish at 9.30am from outside the Rose & Crown to WGC & Morrisons.  Today 9 Dec 9.30 a special Christmas trip will run to Hitchin Garden Centre.

 10-Church Festivals

10-Church Festivals - embroidered by Audrey Walters

As Christmas approaches St Peter's will stage its TEWIN Nativity today Sunday 10 Dec at 4.30pm outside the church with real sheep, donkey or pony, and a real baby.  It's journey ends at nearby Churchfield Farm with hot refreshments beside Carly's barn.  You can read about the traditional hand-crafted build of the barn in the excellent book 'Barn Club' by R.J. Somerville 

 11-Memorial Hall

11- Tewin Memorial Hall  -  embroidered by Gloria Kersey

Lord Desborough of Panshanger gave the land and Sir Otto Beit had the hall built in1922 to a design by Sir Herbert Baker (architect for Bank of England et al). It was a memorial to those from the village who gave their lives in the 1914-1918 war.  It has seen many many uses from pre-school, exhibitions, open-days to 50+ Club.  This evening on  Mon 11 Dec 2023 it will host the Screen on the Green, where Marie St Pier will present for us the original 1947 film version of 'Miracle on 34th Street'.


 Tewin Mill - cushion embroidered by Pat Ashman

A water mill existed on the nearby River Mimram in Norman times. In C16th the corn of local farmers was ground and the flour taken up the hill to the bakery, now Tewin Stores. From 1760 to 1803 it ground lenses for spectacles !  Then it became a corn mill again until 1911 when it was demolished.   John Carrington recorded in his diary the first balloon ascent in England, by Lunardi, when the balloon came over Tewin.  In recent times local resident Rupert Stanley has flown his hot-air balloon over Tewin (much to the delight of the passengers !  Not sure about the villagers)

 13-Tewin Inns

13-Tewin Inns  -  embroidered by Janet Hall

The Rose and Crown was built around 1650 similar in design to the fine Old School House opposite. The diarist John Carrington's son Jack was the landlord back in the late 18th C.  The landlord Tom Flynn is working keeping the Rose as a busy 'local' serving good home-cooked food and Sunday roasts and hosting quiz, local meet-up's and music (Ukelele, karaoke, Aimee P, ...).  The home-cooked Sunday Roast beef is delicious.   

The Plume of Feathers was built c.1460 when the village was situated around the Upper Green. It has therefore seen many generations of locals and visitors, and its popularity has led to various extensions and enhancements over the years.   Manager Tom Veritti and his team have a busy Festive season in progress this month with Christmas and New Year special menus. The turkey and the Beef Rib Bourguignon are both generous and tasty.


14-Beehives  -  embroidered by Pauline Spring

 Beehives - Tewin School kept bees and so did Rob Eardley the Priest -in-charge at St Peter's in 2000.  Nowadays we have local bee-keepers and honey-makers in Upper Green Road - the Raines and the Bradys whose produce is often for sale in Tewin Stores.


 15-Tennis Club TTC

15-Tennis Club TTC - embroidered by Cheryl Robinson

 The present Tennis club dates from 1971. Cheryl's husband Bert Robinson was the coach for quite a few years from 1987 and both still play regularly -  as do many of the 100 or so TTC members.  The recently re-surfaced courts are well used in Hertfordshire leagues, local summer tournaments and regular weekly groups of social-tennis.

This year Saturday (16th Dec) 9.30 am sees the Tennis Ladies hosting their plate-share Christmas Breakfast

 16-Tewin Cricket Club

16-Tewin Cricket Club  -  embroidered by Alistair and Elisabeth Buchanan

1798 is the earliest recorded single wicket cricket match played on Tewin Green, after which the players repaired to the Rose and Crown. By 1802 the Upper Green and the Rose and Crown were venues for important County matches.  Today Sat 16 Dec 2023 the present club will mark its centenary with a celebration party at Tewin Bury. 

 17-Stained Glass Window

17-Stained Glass Window  -  embroidered by Sheila Feakes

St Peter's annual carol Service takes place at 6.30pm on 17th Dec this year 2023.  The church will be candle-lit for this always-popular service.  It is hoped that the new dimmed-LED church lighting will make it easier to read the words in the hymn-books !   A table-top model of the design proposal for new church meeting-room, kitchen and accessible toilets will be on display.  For more information see the church pages on this Village website.

 18-Comet Jet

18-Comet Jet  -  embroidered by Peter Walters

DH 108 'Swallow' was an experimental aircraft for the Comet jet airliner.  Geoffrey de Havilland lost his life in it at supersonic speed over the Thames Estuary.  Geoffrey was billeted in Tewin during the war and is buried in the churchyard with his mother Lady Louie de Havilland.

 19-Muntjac Tewin Wood

19-Muntjac Tewin Wood  -  embroidered by Lis Tyers

Muntjac sometimes called 'barking deer', are frequently seen in Tewin Wood. and the woodland surrounding Tewin Hill Farm.  They were Introduced from China into Woburn Park around 1925 from where they have expanded.

 20-FoT carols

20-Friends of Tewin carols round the Tree  -  embroidered by Christine Sheridan

Kneeler showing Friends of Tewin (FoT) Scarecrow Competition, Tea-Parties and carols around the Christmas Tree on Lower Green -  Carols tonight Weds 20 Dec at 6.30pm around the Christmas tree on Tewin Lower Green (or in Tewin Cowper School if weather is too bad)


21-Redwings  -  embroidered by Alison Barnfield

Redwings visit our gardens here in winter - normally in mixed flocks with fieldfares, and very often at Christmas. They come south from Scandinavia looking for food - they especially like anywhere with fallen fruit. They are often seen in the gardens near Upper Green and there will be loads in Tewin Orchard if it is cold.   Here they are perched on one of St Peter's kneelers.  Hoping you are more likely to see Redwings than snow this Christmas.

 22-Digswell viaduct

22-Digswell viaduct  -  embroidered by Peter Walters

Designed in 1850 by William Cubitt, it has 40 arches.  Around 1000 navvies were housed in a temporary camp at Digswell. And 5,000,000 red bricks were made on site at a brickfield nearby. Blue facing-bricks were added in the 1930's. As depicted, the Flying Scotsman used this line - as do many Scotsmen and women nowadays as they travel back North for the Christmas season !

 21-Queen Hoo Hall

23-Queen Hoo Hall  -  embroidered by  Ruth Sharp

Sited at the top of Tewin Hill above Tewin Hill Farm, Queen Hoo Hall was built in the late 16th C.  Beautiful views from nearby footpaths over the Hertfordshire countryside.  The site has been occupied since 1056, the original name being Quenhildaga.  Said to have been used by Queen Elizabeth I as a hunting lodge,  it is now a private residence.

24-Christmas Eve moon 

24-Christmas Eve moon  -  embroidered by Ann Lee

On Sunday 24th December Rev Susannah will lead a crib service at 3pm in St Peter's church. Then in the evening, starting at 11.30pm Christie Gilfeather will celebrate Midnight Mass.   If the sky is clear this Christmas Eve there will be a near-full moon to help guide Santa with his reindeer and sleigh to Tewin.  

 25-Christmas day

25 St Peter's Church - embroidered by Fran Eardley

Advent is over - Jesus is born

We wish you all a Merry Christmas, and a safe and happy New Year in 2024

from all at St Peter's to all the Tewin clubs, pubs, residents and social groups throughout the parish.

With thanks to the Tewin website team and Kneeler-embroiderers

- calendar created by Gerry Murphy (at St Peter's) with help from Felix Green (Website)