To mark this momentous moment in the history of Tewin Stores, we cut the ribbon at the front door of Tewin Stores on the morning of 7thSeptember at 10.30am.  It was a short ceremony, with the honours carried out by Keith St Pier, the Chair of Tewin Parish Council, with 30 residents of the village in attendance.  This  echoed that of the first ribbon cut by Roger Temple 11 years ago when the shop officially opened for business on 21stFebruary 2008.  The photograph above shows the "ribbon-cutting" ceremony.

 Thanks go to the many residents and visitors who purchased more than 3000 shares in the Share Sale that took place in July and August.  The Stores also received significant support from the Parish Council, and several generous donations, as well as a bequest from Mr Geoff Malin. We could not have achieved this important milestone without the good will and support of everyone involved.

We became the new owners of Tewin Stores premises at lunchtime on Friday 30thAugust 2019.  It means that the building now, to all intents and purposes, belongs to the people of Tewin. 

Only your goodwill and generous support has made this possible.  Thank you so much.  

Special thanks must also go to the Parish Council who gave their reassurance and support for the project from the start, when the Shop Committee was calculating the potential risks involved in the purchase.