Previously the THACS pages on the Tewin Village website echoed the THACS newsletters in its structure, content and updating regime. When production of the THACS newsletters ceased at the end of 2018 this approach ceased to be viable and so the THACS web pages needed to be revised and enhanced.

Although the demise of the newsletters was the catalyst for a re-design of the THACS web pages we have fully embraced this opportunity to develop a new design which is more visually interesting and user-friendly.

All of the content you are familiar with from the previous web pages can be found here, including news, information about future events and reports of previous events. However, the way that this content is organised and presented has changed significantly.

The main features of these new web pages are as follows:-

1) Suitable for use from your chosen device.

The presentation automatically changes for different media platforms. The software can recognise the nature of the device you are using (computer, tablet or mobile phone) and displays the web pages in the way most suitable for you.

2) Easier access to the information you want.

You will not need to wade through pages of text to find specific information. Instead, you can select from headings, which will take you to a separate page containing the information you are looking for.

3) Easier access to THACS photographs.

Photographs from THACS events will be stored in albums on Flickr and linked to the corresponding information on the web pages. These links work in both directions, so you can access the chosen Flickr album from the web page and then return to the same spot once you have viewed the photos.

4) Content will be up-to-date

Previously the web pages were updated whenever a THACS newsletter was published, so there was often a substantial delay in getting news posted and removing outdated information. Updates to the new web pages will be event-driven so news should be posted quicker. The content will be pro-actively managed, so out-of-date information will be promptly removed. Consequently, the content will be more current.

5) Easier to make contact.

There is a contact form, instead of a list of individual names and contact details for the members of the THACS committee.

We would be grateful for your feedback about the new web pages. Any comments would be welcome, but we are particularly keen to hear of any problems or suggested improvements. To give your feedback, please use the "Contact us" form on our Contacts Page.

Finally, we wish to thank Alf Fulford for his work in updating the THACS web pages over the past several years and Felix Green for her invaluable help in developing the new web pages. We could not have done this without her.

Ray Keppler (Chairman)

Malcolm Allen (Website Co-ordinator)

1st September 2019