Defibrillator logoYou may have noticed that we now have a defibrillator in Tewin which was supplied by the Pavilion CIC and is in a special safe provided by the Friends of Tewin.  It is on the outside wall of the Pavilion.  So that we know how to use it in a cardiac emergency, the CIC will be running a series of short sessions for anyone in Tewin when you can handle the machine and find out all you need to know to help a friend or family member.  The sessions will last 30- 45 minutes and they will be held in the Pavilion during the day and in the evening.

A defibrillator is simple to use.  Audio instructions are given, but it is essential to know your way around.  Defibrillators are effective in 80 - 85% of cases when they are used PROMPTLY.  Their success rate drops by 10% for every minute wasted.  Presently, they are very underused mainly through lack of training. CPR needs to be used alongside the defibrillator, so separately, a short course will also be run.    

The first course will be on the 20th of June. The CPR course will be held at the Pavilion from 7-8 p.m. and can take 10 people. There will then be a 15  minute refreshment break  followed by a course about the defibrillator. This course can accommodate up to 20 people.   You can sign up for the first course or register your interest with Joanne Allen - fill in the form , or 01438-798749 where you can leave a message if there is no reply. When there is an indication of numbers a list of further dates and times will be made available.  There will be no charge for the courses.  

Don’t refrain because you feel you may not be strong enough to help.  Knowledge and confidence are vital parts of saving someone’s life before the arrival of the emergency services.  You can help.  Come, and bring a friend.


Joanne Allen

On behalf of CIC (Community Interest Company)